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What is TISAX?

TISAX stands for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange

TISAX Applicability

TISAX is preferred by Automotive OEMs and Suppliers.

Purpose of TISAX

TISAX provides a systematic way to assess maturity level of information security management system in an organization.

TISAX assessment helps automotive suppliers in providing trust to their customers that confidential information shared by customers is protected through a robust information security practices & controls.

High level steps in TISAX labels certification / TISAX Assessments


Registration on ENX Portal


Self Assessment, Gape analysis and Controls Implementation


Audit provider selection


Information Security Assessment by TISAX Audit Provider


Submission of Assessment result with TISAX labels by TISAX Audit provider


Sharing Assessment results with partner on ENX portal

What are TISAX Assessment Objectives ?

Current TISAX Objectives are

  1. Information with High protection needs – Info High
  2. Information with Very High protection needs – Info Very High
  3. Protection of prototype parts and components – Proto parts
  4. Protection of prototype vehicles – Proto Vehicles
  5. Handling of Test Vehicles – Test Vehicles
  6. Protection of Prototype during events and film or photo shooting – Events +
  7. Data protection according to GDPR – European General Data Protection
    Regulation – Data
  8. Data protection with special categories of personal data in GDPR – Special

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    What are TISAX Assessment Levels?

    Assessment Level 1

    It is a type of Self Assessment.


    Assessment Level 2

    In this assessment, Auditor does an online plausibility check of self assessment results. This includes online interview. However, if prototype is assessment objective then onsite inspection is mandatory.


    Assessment Level 3

    In this assessment, Auditor does onsite inspection.


    What is TISAX Assessment Criteria?

    The information security assessment ISA is a criteria catalogue published by German Association of Automotive Industry – VDA. This catalogue is a standard for information security assessments

    Following are TISAX ISA Maturity Levels

    VDA ISA ( Information Security Assessment ) Defines 6 maturity levels

    Level 0


    Level 1


    Level 3


    Level 4


    Level 5


    Level 6


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