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BRC Food Packaging Certification

BRC Food BRC Packaging certification consultants In Ahmedabad, in Gujarat & In India.

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What is Principal of BRC food / BRC Packaging Standard

BRC food / BRC Packaging quality standard Focuses on HACCP ( Hazard analysis critical control point), Food safety management system, Competence of personnel performing various processes that has effect on food quality, and various controls on processes, raw materials, infrastructure & work environment.

Requirements of BRC Food BRC Packaging Standard 

1. Senior Management Committment
2. The Food Safety Plan
3. Food safety & Quality Management System
4. Site Standards ( PRPs )
5. Product Control
6. Process Control
7. Personnel
8. Zone wise requirements considering Risk factor
9. Requirements for Traded products.

BRC certification Standards 

There are other BRC standards available pertaining to food supply chain:
• BRC IOP Global Food Packaging Standard
• BRC Storage and Distribution

Focus on BRC food / BRC packaging standard is to ensure a GFSI compliance food safety mangement system that ensures safe food delivery up to consumer.

Organizations searching for BRC food certification , BRC Food Packaging Certification Gujarat, India may contact us. 


How to obtain BRC food / BRC Packaging certification

1. Understanding requirements of BRC standard.

2. Formation of Food Satety team. 

3. Preparation of required Policy and procedures as per BRC standard requirements. 

4. Implementation of PRP Requirements 

5. Conducting Hazard analysis and implementing OPRP & CCP Requirements 

6. Implementation of Food Safety system requirements like Control of documents, Management review, Internal audit, Monitoring, Corrective actions etc. 

7. Application to certification agency 

8 Certification audit by certification agency

9. Closure of findings of certification audit 

10. Award of BRC certification. 


Benefits of BRC food / BRC Packaging certification

1. Benchmarking with GFSI standards.

2. Easy access to global supply chain.

3. Reduction in food safety risks 

4. Improvement in food safety culture and mindset 

5. Brand recognition.  

Which industry can obtain BRC certification. 

1. Ware houses

2. Food product processing industries

3. Manufacturers

4. Ready to eat product making industries