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ISO 27001 2022 ISMS Certification

Blue Sky is providing consultancy services for fresh ISO 27001 2022 certification or upgrading ISO 27001 2013 certification to ISO 27001 2022 version. We are providing our services in India. 


What is ISO 27001 2022 ISMS Certification

  1. ISO 27001 2022 is International standard for Information Security Management Systems published in October 2022  
  2. 2022 version of ISO 27001 standard has replaced earlier ISO 27001 2013 version. For more information about ISO 27001 2022 version charges please visit –
  3. ISO 27001 international standard is applicable to all kind of organization be in Manufacturing sector or in service sector
  4. However this standard is more popular in organizations working in IT domain ( Software development, Data Centres, Cloud Service providers, Information processing Organizations )
  5. ISO 27001 2013 Version was focusing on information technology – security techniques where as 2022 version is focusing on Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection  


What are key requirements of ISO 27001 2022 Standard 

1) Prepare Inventory of inforamtion & associated assets that has risk to the business.

2) Do risk assessment of information & associated assets

3) Implement suitable information security controls as specified in ISO 27001 2022 Annexure A. For comprehensive guidance on Information security controls, one can refer standard ISO 27002 2022 – Information security, cybersecurity and privacy
protection — Information security controls

4) Maintain statement of applicability.

5) Do agreements of all those internal and external entities those have influence on critical information’s confidentiality, integrity and availability.

6) Do information classification and label same.

7) Take necessary precautions during selection, recruitment, employement and termination of employees in terms of preservation of secured information.

8) Provide physical security to identified assets.

9) Implement Business continuity measures.

10) Implement protection against malicious and mobile codes

11) Maintain back up of critical data

12) Provide security to online transactions

13) Implement physical and logical access control

14) Report , investigation and prevent reoccurence of information security incidents.

15) Ensuring compliance with legal requirements such as Protection of personal data, IT act, E comerce related acts etc.

We are leading consultants and trainers for ISO 27001 2022 information security management system in Gujarat & in India.


Following is an overview about implementation of ISO 27001 2022 information security management system. .

  1. Preparing inventory of information & associated assets which has risk to the business. Assets can be hardware, software, hardcopy, softcopy, devices, equipments, legal documents….. etc..
  2. Evaluating those information & associated assets against possible threats and vulnerabilities for their loss/malfunctioning/unintended use/failure etc.
  3. Evaluating risk based on probability and severity of the combination of threats and vulnerabilities. This is termed as Information security management system ISMS risk assessment.
  4. Reviewing controls listed in the ISO 27001  2022 Annexure A and implementing necessary controls for avoiding/reducing/accepting/transferring the risks. This is termed as information security management system Risk management.
  5. Preparing necessary Topic specific policies / procedure as per requirement of ISO 27001 2022 standard such as access control, back up, asset management, risk management, Incident Management etc
  6. Preparing and communicating ISMS policy, ISMS objectives, ISMS roles and responsibilities etc. to concern persons.

There are other steps also which needs to be followed in implementation of ISO 27001 – information security management system ISMS system implementation.

 Role of Blue Sky in ISO 27001 2022 Certification Consultancy Projects  

  1. Gape analysis against ISO 27001 2022 standard requirements
  2. Action planing to fulfill gapes identified 
  3. Giving Training to concern persons about implementation of necessary actions to fulfil Gaps
  4. Guiding for ISMS risk analysis , ISMS risk evaluation , categorization and management
  5. Guiding for ISMS related legal compliance
  6. Guiding for ISMS documentatio
  7. Giving Application to ISO 27001 2022 certification agency
  8. ISMS internal audit
  9. Ensuring required preparedness for successful completion of Certification audit by third party certification agency.

Organizations may contact us which are looking for 

  1. Fresh ISO 27001 2022 Certification
  2. Upgrade their current ISO 27001 2013 certification to ISO 27001 2022 version 

We can provide ISO 27001 2022 certification consultancy services to organizations in Gujarat & in India.