Ecovadis CSR Assessment Consultancy

Tens of thousands of companies partner with EcoVadis to collaborate on sustainability with a common platform, universal scorecard, benchmarks and performance improvement tools.

Blue Sky Management Services is a leading consultancy service providers for Ecovadis CSR assessments, Ecovadis Sustainability Ratings, Ecovadis CSR Ratings, Ecovadis Certifications.

Why Ecovadis ?

Companies are fatigued from too many self-assessments and questionnaires. Some receive 25+ questionnaires from customers every year. They want one assessment, customized to their business, with clear results and feedback, that they can share everywhere.

What is Ecovadis ?

The EcoVadis sustainability intelligence suite spans the full spectrum of sustainability risk and performance management with broad-scale supply chain risk screening and mapping, reliable scorecards with actionable ratings, and complete audit and improvement management

Ecovadis Score Card Shows company and its trading partners about company’s performance in four themes: Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement.

For detail about EcoVadis please visit their official website –

Mission of Ecovadis

Ecovadis mission is to provide the world’s most-trusted sustainability ratings, enabling all businesses to reduce risk, drive performance, and improve environmental and social outcome.

Some insights on Ecovadis since Inception

2007 – Ecovadis Lauched in Paris

2008-09 – Ecovadis joined UNGC

2010-11 – EcoVadis won green supply chain award

2013 – Live News and Reporting Modules added in Ecovadis

2017 – Rated 35000 Companies

2018 – Rated 45000 Companies

2020 – Rated 75000 Companies

Quick Assessment


    Ecovadis 4 Step Methodology

    1. Register online on Ecovadis Portal

    Create a company profile, specify your business activity, contact information, etc. This information is then used to customize a questionnaire specifically for you.

    2. Answer Questionnaire

    Answer the questionnaire & upload documents (e.g., certifications). It is secure, confidential, and multilingual with a support team ready to help.

    Take subscription on Ecovadis portal. 

    3. Expert Analysis

    EcoVadis analysts distill your answers into a Scorecard. This is an independent, questionnaire and document-based management system assessment

    4. Ecovadis CSR Rating

    Access your Scorecard results online. Share results, collaborate directly with customers, improve your performance, and broadcast your success.

    Ecovadis score card is valid for 12 months.

    Criteria for Ecovadis Assessment (Ecovadis Certification)

    1. Environment
    2. Labor & Human Rights
    3. Ethics
    4. Sustainable Procurement

    Ecovadis Assessment ( Certification ) Principles

    1. Assessment by International Experts
    2. Tailored to Industry Sector , country and company size
    3. Source Diversification to Ensure Rich Stakeholder Input for Reliable Scoring
    4. Utilize Technology to Ensure a Secure and Confidential Process and Accelerated Cycle Time
    5. Traceability and Transparency of Documentation
    6. Evidence-Based
    7. Excellence Through Continuous Improvement

    Ecovadis Pricing

    1. Subscription prices are depending on Size & Type of organizations
    2. Pricing Plans are available on Basic, Premium and Corporate Category.

    Key benefits of Ecovadis Assessments (Certification)

    1. Evaluation of company's sustainability performance on Environment, Labour & human rights, Ethics and sustainable procurement.

    2. Compare sustainability performance with industry and regional benchmarks

    3. Share company's sustainability performance with customers / partners for giving assurance regarding ethical compliance.

    4. Improvement of sustainability performance year on year

    How Blue Sky Can help Organizations in Ecovadis Assessments (Ecovadis Certification)

    Blue Sky was incepted in 2004 and is in business of International Certifications & Corporate Trainings.

    Blue Sky is a team of Engineers, Technical Subject Matter Experts, Legal Advisors, & Management Professionals committed towards growth of its clients.

    In Ecovadis Assessments, Ecovadis CSR ratings, Ecovadis Certifications, Blue Sky can help by

    1. Understanding organizational products, process and business context considering its size and type.
    2. Reviewing impact of organizational processes on Environment
    3. Reviewing compliance with Labor and Human rights principles including policies, procedures and work practices
    4. Reviewing compliance with Business Ethics principles including policies, procedures and work practices
    5. Suggesting if any improvements to be done in policies, procedures & work practices to meet International sustainability requirements, ESG practices and CSR Norms.
    6. Ensuring necessary improvements are done in Policies, Procedures and Work practices as per international sustainability requirements, ESG practices and CSR Norms.
    7. Guiding organization for registering on Ecovadis portal, completing Questionnaire, Uploading required & valid documents, Taking subscription and submitting for Ecovadis expert analysis
    8. Guiding organization to understand Ecovadis score card, improvement areas and further actions to be taken to enhance sustainability performance

    Other Services We Offer

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