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Ecovadis Certification Consultants

Found in year 2004, Blue Sky Management Services is a leading Ecovadis certification consultants.  

Key Principle of ECOVADIS CSR assessment includes

1. Evidence Based
2. Industry location and Size
3. Diversification of Sources
4. Technology a Must
5. Assessment by International CSR Experts
6. Traceability and Transperancy
7. Excellence through continious improvement

Following are key criterias for Ecovadis CSR assessments

1. Environment
2. Labor & Human Rights
3. Ethics
4. Sustainable Procurement.

Ecovadis Assessment in Environment Criteria covers some of parameters like
– Energy and GHGs
– Water
– Pollution
– Materials and Wastes
– Product end of life
– Customer Safety

Ecovadis Assessment in labor and Human Rights Criteria covers some of parameters like
– Employee health and safety
– Working conditions
– Social Dialogue
– Career management & Training
– Child and Forced labor
– Discrimination
– Harassment

Ecovadis Assessment in Ethics Criteria covers some of parameters like
– Corruption & bribery
– Anti Competitive Practice
– Data Security

Ecovadis Assessment in Sustainable Procurement Criteria covers some of parameters like
– Supplier Environmental Performance
– Supplier social performance

Organizations searching for 

a) Fresh Ecovadis Assessments 

b) Want to Improve current Ecovadis score to next level including achieving Ecovadis Bronze medal, Ecovadis Silver medal, Ecovadis Gold medal & Ecovadis platinum medal

may contact us. 

We can provide online Ecovadis consultancy services for organizations located at Singapore, UAE, India, Canada, UK ( Britain ), USA, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Malaysia, Greece, Italy, Malaysia , Mexico, New Zealand, Polant, South Africa, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Norway & Denmarks